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How to fix a garage door keypad?

How to fix the garage door keypad is a really common question we have from clients at All American Doors, and as we supply sales and service for Garage Doors we also want to share the tips that could save you time and money.

When ever you are working with a garage door you want to make sure you are wearing safety equipment. Search and read through keypad manual to find out the reason why the keypad from your garage door is not working. We also recommend to wear a pair of Nitrile Gloves and safety clear glasses.

Starting the maintenance procedure:

Most LiftMaster Keypad have 9V Alkaline battery that easily can be replace, and is located at the bottom of the keypad. To test if the keypad needs a new battery just go pressing one by one each button and if one of those numbers doesn’t light up is an indication that you garage door keypad is not working properly.

  1. Try to replace the battery using a screwdriver and removing the screws from the bottom side from the keypad. Remove and replace the 9V Alkaline battery for a new one.
  2. You may consider to change the code from your Keypad, specially if you tent to used the code with repeated numbers such us 1111, 2222, and so, as this keys tent to wear over time. To Change the passcode on you garage door keypad, just follow the instruction of your garage door keypad manual.
  3. If changing the battery and passcode has not resolve your garage door keypad issue, then it may be the case that your garage door keypad and garage door opener are not sync or not longer communicating with each other. You will need to go to garage door opener and press the “Learn” Button and follow the steps from the garage door keypad manual in order to sync with your garage door opener.

If none of this steps worked out, is time to replace the keypad. You can replace it by purchase it online or going to your local home improvement store.


Due to the constant use on garage doors, is always good to have a regular maintenance to your garage door, including all the parts and extra connections that need to be running properly for your daily basis. Sometimes this simple steps could save your hundreds of dollars.

1. Check the battery life from your garage door keypad
2. Change the passcode. (Follow the instruction on the manual) 3. Sync the garage door opener with the garage door keypad.

All American Doors can advice the homeowners their proper service for their garage door. We are a local company serving Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach area.

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