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How to operate simple maintenance in your garage door

Having a regular maintenance on your garage door, can save you hundreds of dollars over the years, by lubricating the tracks, the springs, the hinges and inspect the rollers and garage door bolts.

Basic tune up of a overhead garage door

The spring

A torsion spring is a single spring located just over the top of the garage door, it can be seen it when the door is closed. If you notice rust on the top spring on your garage door stray down with a garage door lubricant, avoid the bar itself. Using WD-40 is good to spray on nuts and bolts for rust prevention before putting a project together, but it’s not ideal for lubricating garage door and opener parts.

Now that you are in a ladder, check any loose screw under the over head door opener bracket, tight those screws as you perform the maintenance.

The hinges

Garage door hinges allows the door to move smoothly up and down the track. Spray all the hingers around it with a garage door lubricant on the edges and the center edges.

The track

Over the time, dirt and debris builds up on the tracks, spray lubricant all around. Avoid any grease contact with the drum itself this will potentially looses the grip for the tension cables.

The chain

There are 2 types of chains; chain drive and belt drive. Chain drive garage door openers use a metal chain for operation as belt drive garage door openers are plastic and move the trolley, resulting in quieter operation. You don’t want to lubricate belt drive chains the lubrication applies for the chain drive.


All American Doors can advice the homeowner for the proper service for their garage door. However, the torsion spring systems and cables on overhead doors have an incredible amount of tension on them. Any malfunctions can cause serious injury or possibly death, we suggest to leave this to a professional. We are a local company serving Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach area.

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